I tell my son to dream big dreams and that anything is possible. ⁠

He tells me he may pursue a career in basketball instead of hockey if he can find enough time to practice.⁠

I tell him that the magical thing about life is that you don’t have to decide yet or decide ever – you can always try new things and reinvent yourself. ⁠

I use myself as an example. I say, “Look at me. I’m going to be 40 this year and I just published a book.”⁠

But do I believe in myself the way my son believes he could be in the NBA? ⁠

I am proud that I have a real-life example to offer him, but is my pitch layered with hidden insecurity? ⁠

Do I believe I am enough?⁠

Perhaps we need to believe in ourselves the way we believe in our children. ⁠

Age is not a limiting factor. I can muscle-up my way into my 40’s if only I find enough time to practice. ⁠

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