Be Who You Are

I hope my writing is encouraging and inspiring. But even more I’d like it to be comforting

We want the voices in our heads to feel ‘normal’ and to know that we are not alone in our fears.

It is comforting to hear someone else express something you’re feeling – especially if you didn’t know how to put it into words.

To be inspired to set goals and strive for excellence is fine, but there is freedom in the peaceful reality of ‘okayness’ – okayness to feel all you feel and be exactly who you are. ~CB

At times, it is satisfying to sink into the comfort and peace of knowing other people “get it.” 

Perhaps that comfort comes from feeling connected. We long for connection. 

It warms our soul – our heart feels lifted because we feel a little less alone. 

When I share the dark, shadowy places – the anxieties and insecurities – it helps me let go of chasing perfection. It replaces fear of not following the “script” with freedom to create my own rhythm.  ~CB

When we are vulnerable enough to share, perhaps we help reduce the fear or shame other people may be carrying behind the scenes. 

  • We have fears, anxieties, and burdens. 
  • We feel lonely, face diagnoses, and grieve death. 
  • We are regretful, want to give up, or feel inadequate. 
  • We have parenting challenges, marital struggles, and friendship problems. 
  • We have struggles with weight, our kids, or daily pain.

Shared Shadows 

While we don’t wish burdens on anyone else, maybe by sharing the hard stuff we gain perspective on how to press on and conquer our own internal battles. 

The storms we wage war on are often in the shadows, in the “kingdom of noise” (C.S. Lewis), sitting in the pit of our stomach, or cluttering up space in our mind. 

Maybe hearing about the rough patches other people face will help us better handle our own. 

My Rough Patches 

Just like a photograph, there is always more to the story than what is captured in a website bio, or a school drop-off convo. 

I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. 

  • I struggle with feeling like a failure (a lot of the time).  
  • I worry way too much about being liked and it causes me anxiety.
  • One of my biggest fears is to feel ‘dumb.’
  • I struggle with the stress response “freeze” and sometimes I cannot handle even the smallest of tasks, like heating up leftovers, or picking up socks from the floor. 
  • I overthink to the point of detriment.
  • I’m extremely body conscious. p.s. I also have cellulite if we are going to get that personal. p.p.s. I think most people do. 
  • I set high expectations of myself AND others. This makes it hard to be close to me sometimes, and also explains why I think I am a failure. 
  • I battle anxiety regularly. 

There Is Always Hope

I invite us to push back against the power of defeat by opening our hearts to one another. 

I suggest we press on and conquer together. Together is a less lonely place.

Pay It Forward 

We comfort others because of the comfort we have been given. That is biblical, but also necessary – it is the paying forward of love, kindness, and acceptance. 

Whatever you feel in the shadows and whatever you are struggling with right now – take comfort in knowing others are, too. You are not alone. 

That is why I write.

I invite you to share my blog. And I would always love to hear from you. 

Press on, 



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